Courses and Syllabi

Graduate Courses

Fall 2021 – Auburn University

FOUN 7010 History of American Education

A course that provides an overview of how educational systems, institutions, and research traditions evolved in the U.S.

Spring 2021 – Auburn University

FOUN 7040 Philosophy and Educational Research 

An interdisciplinary course that offers philosophical perspectives on research approaches, concepts, and issues

Fall 2019 – Auburn University

FOUN 7970 Inquiry as Praxis: Community-Based Research and Activism

An interdisciplinary course designed to address concerns in the local community

Spring 2019 – Auburn University

FOUN 8010 Modern Education and Comparative Perspectives

Face-to-face graduate course on global transformations in education

Spring 2017 – Arizona State University

ELL 504 Instructional Design for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners

Face-to-face master’s course on teaching English Language Learners

Fall 2016 – Arizona State University

BLE 598 Instructional Design for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students

Hybrid master’s course on teaching English Language Learners

Spring 2015 – Michigan State University

TE 808 Inquiry into Classroom Teaching and Learning

Online master’s course on action research


Undergraduate Courses

From Fall 2017 to Spring 2018 – Auburn University

FOUN 3000 Diversity of Learners and Settings

Face-to-face course that explores socio-cultural and individual differences

Spring 2016 – Arizona State University

BLE 408 Structured English Immersion for Linguistically Diverse Students

Face-to-face course that prepares subject area teachers to work with English language learners in their classrooms

From Fall 2011 to Summer 2013 – Michigan State University

TE 250 Human Diversity. Inequality, Power, and Opportunity in Social Institutions

Face-to-face course that focuses on the issues of diversity, multicultural education, and social justice in K-12 schools

Fall 2012 – Michigan State University

TE 301 Learners and Learning in Context: Elementary Literacy

Face-to-face course on foundations of elementary literacy instruction and assessment

Fall 2011 – Michigan State University

TE 302 Learners and Learning in Context: Secondary Literacy

Face-to-face course on literacy instruction in content areas for secondary teachers

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